Daily Inspiration: The sovereign cure for worry is prayer. ~William James

Today’s Affirmation: In every challenge I turn to Source and only good comes back to me.

Today’s Contemplation: Prayer in its highest sense is a communion of the individual with the Infinite. Communion being a common union, a sharing where there is a simultaneous giving and receiving primarily of ideas.


Daily Inspiration: If you want to find richer meaning and purpose in your life, just keep loving. ~Alan Cohen

Today’s Affirmation: I bring love to every breath and every moment today.

Today’s Contemplation: Love, real Love, is the unadulterated appreciation of all life. It is an unbiased appreciation that sees beauty in everything. With such a view Love is as simple as breathing.


Daily Inspiration: The essential thing is not what we say but what God says to us and what He says through us. ~Mother Theresa of Calcutta

Today’s Affirmation: I let my whole being be the receiver of the Divine Whisper and make my every action a response to that inner call.

Today’s Contemplation: Absolute devotion leads to absolute presence. It takes a deep hunger of the soul to find such devotion. Once found it is its own great reward for the Infinite has truly found a place in such an individual.


Daily Inspiration: The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace. A persistent simplification will create an inner and outer well-being that places harmony in one’s life. ~Peace Pilgrim

Today’s Affirmation: I focus on basics and find my peace today.

Today’s Contemplation: When all the distractions are out of the way peace is all that remains. When all diversity resolves into oneness harmony is realized.


Daily Inspiration: It’s but little good you’ll do a-watering the last year’s crops. ~George Eliot

Today’s Affirmation: I focus on today and accept the good that comes my way.

Today’s Contemplation: Yesterday is gone and the sooner the memory of all the challenges it placed before us is reconciled the better for until that moment today cannot possibly begin to be lived.  And there is so much joy yet to be discovered today.


Daily Inspiration: Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides. ~Margaret Thatcher

Today’s Affirmation: I get onto my side; I get onto the right side of Love today.

Today’s Contemplation: There is no middle of the road when it comes to Love One is either ‘All In’ or in confusion. In every moment that one chooses Love then the choice has been to be ‘All In’ and greater good is the only outcome. The decision is made again in every instant so make your choice again for Love right now.


Daily Inspiration: The most important lesson that man can learn from his life is not that there is pain in this world, but that it depends upon him to turn it into good account, that it is possible for him to transmute it into joy. ~Rabindranath Tagore

Today’s Affirmation: Joy is my choice and I choose it now.

Today’s Contemplation: Pain is the great teacher, the psychological and biological resolution process for incorrect patterns of thought.  Acknowledge the pain, stop, and choose the thinking that needs to change.  When the correct thinking is established the pain will be gone.


Daily Inspiration: Time is the stuff of which life is made. ~Ben Franklin

Today’s Affirmation: I take the time to discover happiness today.

Today’s Contemplation: Time is the foundation of life until Love is realized then time becomes the tool of Love’s increase and Peace on earth.


Daily Inspiration: When you say, ’I enjoy doing this or that’, it is really a misperception.  It makes it appear that the joy comes from what you do, but that is not the case. Joy does not come from what you do, it flows into what you do and thus into this world from deep within you. ~Eckhart Tolle

Today’s Affirmation: The joy of my being floods into all of my doing today.

Today’s Contemplation: The only source of joy is the deep knowingness of oneness with Life; all life, for that Life is the whole.  It is Love and Peace and Beauty and all that is intrinsically holy.  Only when this is forgotten can any degree of discomfort be experienced.


Daily Inspiration: A second quality of mature spirituality is kindness. It is based on a fundamental notion of self-acceptance. ~Jack Kornfield

Today’s Affirmation: I accept myself as I am and discover that me in all I meet.

Today’s Contemplation: As a person comes to accept him or herself; s/he recognizes a fundamental sensibility to all the ‘mistakes’ s/he made. S/he begins to realize that the same must be true for all people and realizes that every action that causes pain is simply a call to let the healing in through loving acceptance; to simply see the heart before the actions.  This is kindness and this is how love heals the wounded soul.