Dec 21 11


Today’s Quote: The proud man counts his newspaper clippings… The humble man his blessings. ~Bishop Fulton J Sheen


Today’s Affirmation: My life is filled with joy… and I see it everywhere I look.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: In days of the past what was measured in ‘newspaper clippings’ is now measured in web hits and Google search results. The conditions of our world may change from age to age, yet through them all the causes remain consistent.  Always we are the cause; the patterns of our thinking will always draw circumstances according to their nature.  Whether humble or proud we choose the quality of our own life.

Dec 20 11


Today’s Quote: You cannot shake hands with a closed fist. ~Goldie Meir


Today’s Affirmation: My doors are forever open to the good of life; my heart is always open to the love of life.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Every closed fist that I meet is a reflection of some part of me that is lost in a false world of lack and struggle.  Every time I see it out there I go within, I do an inventory of the contents of my soul and I eliminate all old beliefs that clutter up my hallways of receptivity and love.  By my inner work I open up to an outer world of love, peace and prosperity.

May peace and prosperity be yours today.

Dec 19 11


Today’s Quote: Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. ~James Barrie


Today’s Affirmation: I give what I am and I brighten my world with my love.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Giving is the only avenue to receiving.  If we want then we must release and the most important single possession we release is our belief; principally those beliefs in lack, separation and conflict.  Abundance comes easily when in our hearts, with every fibre of feeling, we know the abundance of life as us.  When we know this then in every encounter we will bring the joy of this knowing, we will speak it and we will demonstrate its radiance in all our affairs.

Dec 18 11


Today’s Quote: Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree.  In the eyes of children they are all 30 feet tall. ~Larry Wilde


Today’s Affirmation: There is no mundane; all I see is Possibility, unfolding potentiality simply awaiting Me.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Imagination is the key to transformation; it is the first proof of youth and the promise of creativity.  When we allow our imagination to soar we rediscover our inner child, our potential and our power.  When our imagination sours we grow old regardless of the number of years we hold chronologically.  I will choose to see all the mundane in a new light today.

Dec 17 11


Today’s Quote: Be humble or you’ll stumble. ~ Unknown


Today’s Affirmation: I trust the interventions of the Infinite today; all that moves my world is achieved by a higher decree.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: When we truly learn that we are subject to a higher power we willingly surrender to forces beyond our human control.  We do this because we know two things; that it is a loving Intelligence and that it always responds to our highest aspirations.  So every unexpected must be for our greatest good and the greatest good of all others.  In this we find passion tempered by humility.

Dec 16 11


Today’s Quote: A fool thinks he needs no advice, but a wise man listens to others. ~Proverbs 12:15


Today’s Affirmation: Every path is a God path, every word is a God word, everything is a God thing; all that comes to me is for me and I Am Listening!


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: The challenge to learning is in remaining receptive (open and flexible), while adhering to the principles we value.  Perfection is honed not hammered; it is in delicate shifts that we make great changes.  In order to make right changes we must be attentive to the subtle deviations and correct them before they become overwhelming challenges. I choose to be teachable and changeable today.

Dec 15 11


Today’s Quote: Do something. Either lead, follow, or get out of the way. ~Ted Turner


Today’s Affirmation: Acting from my inner silence I discover my perfect practice.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: All true action springs from silence, from deep meditation and contemplation.  It is the natural unfolding of a centred being.  Why this seems so confusing to most is because most of humanity is under the delusion that meditation is doing nothing.  Meditation is intentional focus and focus, singular focus, is the highest vibration of creation.  It is the one action that leads to action.

Dec 14 11


Today’s Quote: The trouble with the future is that it usually arrives before we’re ready for it. ~Arnold H. Glasgow


Today’s Affirmation: As I attend to this moment the future takes care of itself.  Right now all is aligned and balanced in my affairs.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: The problem with the future is that it distracts us from the perfection of the moment.  To put our attention on what could be we elevate anxiety and that detracts from our productivity and our happiness.  The only way to truly celebrate the magnificence of this season is to engage in the joy of the moment and bring it into every passing encounter.  As The great teacher said; “Save tomorrow for tomorrow.”

Dec 13 11


Today’s Quote: Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day. ~Helen Steiner Rice


Today’s Affirmation: The quality of my day is measured by the quality of my heart; all things conspire to join in my commitment to peace and joy ALWAYS and in ALL Ways.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: When one seeks more to be the expression of love than to receive loving acceptance one starts to discover a rich world of peace and joy undefined by seasons and company; then one rediscovers the wonder filled life of a young child.  Every moment becomes a gift and the surprise is constantly in how the Divine will show up this time in all Its splendour.  Unwrap every moment of this day with wonder in your eyes.

Dec 12 11


Today’s Quote: A Christmas candle is a lovely thing; It makes no noise at all, but softly gives itself away; While quite unselfish, it grows small. ~Eva K. Logue


Today’s Affirmation: I grow in my giving for I am Spirit; one with Life Itself.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: In this human mythology all giving diminishes the giver and so in giving, like the candle, we appear to become less.  In truth we are not of this physical experience and are not bound by its laws; We are The One, We are Spirit and as Spirit gives it grows.  So today I choose to remember my spiritual truth.  I choose to give from my heart, fully and completely, I choose to give because I know who I am.