Daily Inspiration: Endurance is patience concentrated. ~Thomas Carlyle

Today’s Affirmation: My patience grows with every turn of Love. I know my return is imminent.

Today’s Contemplation: Patience grows always when one knows thier oneness with the Infinite. Trust your oneness, trust Love and discover how patience grows with every surrender into Love.


Daily Inspiration: The contemplation of things as they are, without substitution or imposture, without error or confusion, is in itself a nobler thing than a whole harvest of invention. ~Francis Bacon

Today’s Affirmation: I look to the Divine within and see to the Truth of all things.

Today’s Contemplation: We often say that necessity is the ‘mother of invention’.  Really it is contemplation. Necessity will often drive one to be more observant and to follow through with action. So contemplation can lead to invention and so much more; appreciation and gratitude, compassion and upliftment, support and development, a list that can keep growing.  Contemplate this!


Daily Inspiration: We exist in a Divine Bounty that awaits our taking, and the way of taking is a mental one that starts with desire, decision, and expectancy. ~Raymond Charles Barker

Today’s Affirmation: I know my desire; I know it is mine, and I accept its full deliverance Now.

Today’s Contemplation: The biggest challenge to receiving abundance is having the clarity of mind. Most of us are confounded by the sheer magnitude of choices. We look one way and see something desirable, then turn another direction and see ten more things equally tantalizing.  Get so clear on what it is you truly want that you can look at anything and all it does is remind you of that one desire.  Stay with it until you get it or you will simply get a whole lot of distraction.


Daily Inspiration: Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation. ~Henry Ward Beecher

Today’s Affirmation: I let my loving-kindness go before me and bring healing to all my relations today.

Today’s Contemplation: Compassion is an understanding of the intention of Oneness that is seeking to find a path of expression through a world infested with an inane belief that one thing is separate from another.  In truth no two things are separate; open your heart and see to the original intention, the call for Love.


Daily Inspiration: We practice the presence of God by seeing God everywhere, in all things and in all people, despite appearances to the contrary. ~Emmet Fox

Today’s Affirmation: Everywhere I look God looks back at me and Love keeps flowing in.

Today’s Contemplation: In order to see God everywhere we must understand first that God is everywhere.  And where and when we don’t see God it is our own delusional thinking that is keeping that Divine from us.  Make the assumption that the suffering you see or feel is of your creation; you will be right. Then make the decision to believe it is really the Love you would choose to see; again you will be correct.  And if your thoughts do not waver you will only experience Love.


Daily Inspiration: God is not some far-off event, but an ever-present reality. ~Ernest Holmes

Today’s Affirmation: God is the breath I breathe; It is the Love I feel and It is the animation of all that I meet and greet today.

Today’s Contemplation: Learn to see God in everything, in every moment and back of every action that occurs. When we are able to see the truth of God back of every human action we find peace where others see only chaos.


Daily Inspiration: Being heard is so close to being loved, that for the average person they are almost indistinguishable. ~David Augsburger

Today’s Affirmation: I listen deeply, to the heart of every matter, because that’s what Love does.

Today’s Contemplation: Only love can truly listen, for only love can hear the intention back of the words.  The words are simply a very poor vessel to convey the call to be seen and heard in the light of love.  Do not read the actions, do not read the words; listen only for the call for love that drew them forth.


Daily Inspiration: A great many people mistake opinions for thoughts. ~Herbert V. Prochnow

Today’s Affirmation: I am present in this moment unmoved by the past and all my thoughts are Love.

Today’s Contemplation: Every opinion is a non-thought dredged up from the past, charged with old emotions often leading one down a dark path.  Thoughts are inspired in the moment, are fresh and fragile, and are the beginning of a path to new outcomes. Knowing this gives a person the power to choose, to create, and to begin anew.


Daily Inspiration: There is poetry as soon as we realize that we possess nothing. ~John Cage

Today’s Affirmation: I have discovered that none of it is mine yet all of it belongs to me, now.

Today’s Contemplation: The spiritual path reveals to us that what we own, in truth, owns us. Thus people on the spiritual journey will learn quickly that the surest path to riches is the path of surrender.


Daily Inspiration: It is not up to you to change the uniqueness of any other living soul on earth.  ~Raymond Charles Barker

Today’s Affirmation: I open my eyes to the miracle that this day is.

Today’s Contemplation: If it is not perfect then I am not seeing correctly.  In order to have perfection I must first be willing to see it where it is.