In The Flow

Infinite Life authors all of creation.  It is the source, supply and impetus back of everything.  It is the heart and soul of everything.  It is the Source of my Oneness with every life. In this breath I affirm that oneness. I am One with and as the Source of all life.  My word is the Law and I speak my word Now.

Today I declare that I am surrendered into the flow of a higher good. I declare my willingness to let the currents of creation take me to high ground, to place me in the most fertile environment for me.  I know that my ideas are Divine ideas passing through me for my greater good and the good of the entire world. I declare right now that great things are happening through me and all blessings are mine for I Am In The Flow.

I surrender this word now to the Infinite Alive in my centre. I am in the flow and I know it so I let go and let God.

And So It Is


Today’s Affirmation:  I say “Yes” and step aside; Spirit delivers my good today.


Daily Inspiration: Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. ~Mohandas Gandhi

Today’s Affirmation: Happiness is mine today for I am aligned with my God centre; the breath of Life.

Today’s Contemplation: Many people believe happiness is a fickle thing based upon our thoughts and experiences of any given moment. This is one level of happiness.  It is anchored in the senses.  There is another level of happiness far more powerful, far more lasting; based upon an entities alignment with Oneness, the heart and Life. The latter remains unruffled by the flow of time while the first is caught up in every passing event.