Daily Inspiration: Don’t just learn to live with the problem.  There’s a better alternative. ~Jennifer James

Today’s Affirmation: I step out of the problem and into my Joy.  I see a new way, I take a new step and I discover a New purpose today.

Today’s Contemplation: Old patterns give old results. They also define limitations. New patterns dabble in the unknown so it is important to remember that the nature of the unknown is life affirming. Good naturally comes to a mind that willingly steps into the unknowable. Take your step today.


Daily Inspiration: Instead of the old concepts of disease and failure, we are to inject those of liberty, freedom, health, harmony, and success. ~Ernest Holmes

Today’s Affirmation: My every thought is a gift to my soul.  Through my thoughts I bring in health, harmony and happiness today.

Today’s Contemplation: Thoughts are the building blocks of all stuff.  Choose your thoughts; each one adds another brick.