Gods Way!

There is One Power; Life, all knowing and everywhere present.  This Power is Love; the essence of Life.  It is the presence of Joy and It is exactly where I am.  It moves in me, through me, as me; It is me at the level of my acceptance and conviction.

Right now I move into my divine conviction and make my claim.  I let go of little agendas for selfish interests because I know there is a higher plan. I am one with an Infinite Knowing and all that I need to know is already mine at a heart level.  My soul knows.  My soul is the God in me knowing the truth for me and in every moment it is revealed. I am astute and aware; I see the signs and I act upon them.  I follow the path to my highest good unerringly.  I am alert to the subtle signals of Spirit and always take up the Cause. Spirit speaks in a cadence that sets my heart, mind and body into action.

God has prepared the way and I am unwavering from this path. I have no choice for God in me, as me, Is me and willingly surrender to the highest interests of my heart. I let go and I let God.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  I follow my desires, listen to the voice, welcome the change; and Spirit does the work.


Daily Inspiration: If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking. ~Buddhist Saying

Today’s Affirmation: I check my compass today and carry on into the light of Love.

Today’s Contemplation: It is right that life should be simple when one is walking on the right path.  Not necessarily easy, but simple.  When things become complicated we are simply being called to grow; to embrace a greater level of givingness, livingness, lovingness and interactivity.  Enjoy the simplicity when it comes by taking your steps forward with a light heart.