‘God’ Awareness Is Mine

God is All there is; God is Good and God is Love. God is the Power that serves Life for God is Life; a Life that is present in every life.  I am the living witness to this ‘God Presence’ for it is fully encapsulated in this moment this breath, this voice and this being. I am one of and one with God and what I speak is God’s Law upon my affairs.

Right here and right now I make the claim that all I see is through God’s eyes. In every moment I see the play of love.  I see the deep threads of relationship that draw every moment and every encounter into the workings of Truth. I see clearly how my actions align with all my affairs and I willingly adjust my thinking to align with this Truth.  My life right now is a reflection of this adjustment; my life is rich, full, joyful and vibrant. It is this way because ‘God’ Awareness is mine and because I live in complete integrity with the Truth I see.
Living this integrity is my joy and my passion. Living in surrender and gratitude is my joy. I am so very happy that I live in the opulence of God, that I am given over completely, all my heart can call is “Thank you God, thank you, thank you, thank you.”
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  I see the greater picture today; I see heaven in my heart and my heart in every hand.