Transformed Through Truth

God measures the distance between heart and mind and sees no distance at all.  For the Infinite transcends time and space and is fully present in every point of It’s being; It knows no distance at all.  The Infinite is a Power unchallenged that encompasses all that could be, all that would be and all that has ever been. It is absolutely present in me, through me and as me.  I am one of It; the individualization of the Infinite.

In this moment I declare my willingness to be transformed. Life has been good and now I choose more. I choose to see life from a new perspective.  I let the unknown arrive into my awareness and relish that step onto a greater stage.  I recognize that who I am now is who I have made myself become. I realize that my thoughts are the tools of my creation.  Today I recreate my life.  I choose my tomorrow; the details are irrelevant because I am making a choice for Love and Peace.  I am aligning with my values and allowing my thoughts to be congruent with my dreams.  I know good is mine; I know God is with me and my gifts are already given.

I say thank you God as I release my word and accept the new me now.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  I acknowledge what ‘is’ and put my whole heart into my new choice now.