I See The Life That Makes Me Whole

There is one infinite and profound life; that life is God’s Life, It is perfect, It is complete and It is all encompassing.  That Life is Love, Light, Joy and Beauty.  And wherever I see these attributes, and to whatever degree I am seeing them, I am looking upon the face of God. All that I see I see from within, the beauty and love and life is what I Am. I Am one of the Infinite and one with God.

I recognize right now the inexorable pull that draws me into the remembrance of who I am. I know that I am returned into that power already. I am simply awakening to the realization. I know my arrival by the workings of my heart, by the joy I feel and by the way that joy translates into my affairs.  More and more I discover how life is working with me; for me. As I awaken to that Presence within I realize that I am made whole and so too is all of life everywhere. As I am made whole so too is all of my world.

Today I rejoice for I see that I am home in the heart of God.  I am grateful and I am fulfilled.  In peace I release and let go.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  I am excited and I am Alive; Today my eyes are opened Wide.