Daily Inspiration:  Come now, noble souls, and take a look at the splendor you are carrying within yourselves! But if you do not let go of yourself completely, if you do not drown yourself in this bottomless sea of the Godhead, you cannot get to know this divine light. ~Meister Eckhart

Today’s Affirmation: I let go into my Soul and witness the majesty of Life.

Today’s Contemplation: The Truth lies within.  Close your eyes and seek only what is loving, only what is beautiful, only what fills you with joy.  Dwell on that and feel how it lifts your spirits, brings a sense of peace and allows you to feel the power of possibilities.  Here is where we first grasp the fragrance of the Divine.

I See The Life That Makes Me Whole

There is one infinite and profound life; that life is God’s Life, It is perfect, It is complete and It is all encompassing.  That Life is Love, Light, Joy and Beauty.  And wherever I see these attributes, and to whatever degree I am seeing them, I am looking upon the face of God. All that I see I see from within, the beauty and love and life is what I Am. I Am one of the Infinite and one with God.

I recognize right now the inexorable pull that draws me into the remembrance of who I am. I know that I am returned into that power already. I am simply awakening to the realization. I know my arrival by the workings of my heart, by the joy I feel and by the way that joy translates into my affairs.  More and more I discover how life is working with me; for me. As I awaken to that Presence within I realize that I am made whole and so too is all of life everywhere. As I am made whole so too is all of my world.

Today I rejoice for I see that I am home in the heart of God.  I am grateful and I am fulfilled.  In peace I release and let go.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  I am excited and I am Alive; Today my eyes are opened Wide.