Daily Inspiration:  Healing yourself is connected with healing others. ~Yoko Ono

Today’s Affirmation: I see through to the wholeness in all; and transform my world.

Today’s Contemplation: The true act of healing is the activity of seeing wholeness.  When we see wholeness we see life as ‘God’ created it; we see it perfect. And whatever we see we make manifest or make a material reflection of.  In other words our seeing makes a form out of formless perfection; correct seeing… perfect form.

Spirit is My Wholeness

There is one Life, infinite and all encompassing. It is the Power that moves through the heart of all things.  It brings joy to the innocent and peace to the turbulence and establishes harmony where it was forgotten.  It is the power that moves me, that moves through me, that is me.  I am the hand of the Divine, the individualization of the all; I am surrendered into It and the declaration of my heart is the whisper God made manifest now.

In this Divine moment I take stock of my being, I see into every point of my awareness and route out every habit of separation. I do away with the dysfunction of seeing myself as whole. I recognize that the seeing of my senses is a lie.  I simply abide in the wholeness of my heart, in that place within which in its vibrancy sets the pattern of my whole being. I abide in Spirit and Spirit is my Wholeness. I live from this place without a thought about whether or not I am.  I Am simply here to do God work and I get on with it now.

From my Oneness within I celebrate in gratitude, I recognize God in complete awe and bliss. I am awash in thanksgiving.  And I am freed of all personal agendas; I am simply called upon to surrender and that is what I do. I let go and I let God.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  God is my Wholeness; God is my Healer and today I live as what God made.