Daily Inspiration: Anyone in a state of seeking can never be happy. Only those who are constantly finding are fulfilled. And finding is not something that happens to us–it is something we do. ~Alan Cohen

Today’s Affirmation: I let go of every form of acquisitiveness today; I am only here to be present, to be witness and respond to Love.

Today’s Contemplation: Finding can only happen in a state of consciousness that is present in the moment.  In that consciousness of presence there will be no seeking, no secret urgency, no hidden desire; only the peace of knowing God presence remains.

My Invisible Power

God is Life; all Life, and all Life is good.  It is the force of Love informed and every life is one of that. Every life is Love individualized and perfect. I am one of this Life and Love. I am the manifest expression of something wonderful, and I am living it to my fullest capacity.

What choices I live with integrity grow within me for I am tapped into a higher power. I understand that this Power is a power for good in this universe and that it is absolutely available to me. Recognizing this I have come to understand it as being of me.  It is my very nature to be powerful.  It is my very nature to add to a world of Peace and Joy and Love. I feel this Power within; I understand it, and I use it for a life that is very good. I use it for every loving action that I engage in and witness only growth, bounty and providence in my life now.

I do all that I do in gratitude to the Master Creator for I get that what I do is done through God’s Law and God’s Love abiding in me, as me. Knowing this truth and having declared it now I let go and let that power move into the affairs of my life as complete fulfillment now.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation: Today and every day I am Living Life to the fullest!