Good Comes To Me Now

I recognize that there is One Life, that this One Life is everywhere present and fully active in every point of Its existence. I experience that I Am the point of this Infinite Expression and that I Am expressing Its perfection right here and right now. I am one of this Infinite now.

In this viewing I clearly see the pattern, the threads, from thought to outcome. I see myself as the architect and I build my good.  I create my life, I design my encounters, I write my experiences and then I witness each one come into my occurrence. I savour the sweetness and joy of my encounters, I delight in the nuances of perfection; colour, texture and flavour.  I see how I have come to be a master creator. I see that I have sculpted the life from the abundant material God has delivered.  I choose now to collaborate with God to get the life of my dreams.  I recognize that as much as I know, God Knows All, so in this moment I willingly give over and invite the Divine to direct my hand.

I release my idea in the deep knowledge that it is already fulfilled. I give over in gratitude and let go to the Master Creator knowing it is already done and I am living that life now.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation: I accept this moment Now; as the moment of my great change.