The Path of My Heart

There is One Life, there is one Love and It is the heart of every life. It is the vibration back of Life and encompasses and moves through all that ‘is’. This one Life is the sole resource for every bit of good that happens anywhere.  From this One Life loving ideas come into fruition; they naturally find nurturing soil, and by that nurturing love they attain maturity. I am that seed of the Divine sprung to life land growing into the world ‘I see’, a world of love and harmony

Today I follow the path of this Love that has brought me into being.  I go to the source; I discover the roots and realize the potential that I am. I am Love’s potential and there is no limit to that which I can do.  Today I choose to be that Love and let ‘God’ work through me. I let my life be led by co-incidence as I walk into a greater expression.  My heart is my oneness with ‘God-Heart’ so I know that as I let my heart lead God is leading me forward. Synchronicity is my hallmark and my days are dreams fulfilled. I expect great moments and all my moments are filled with magic.
In this breath I give thanks for the miracle that God is in my life; for the bounty that is God nature and the natural order of my life. My thanks is anchored in complete surrender, given up and given over,  My dreams are fulfilled already.

And so it is.


Affirmation:  My heart is my anchor and good is my blessing as I give all for that greater call.