I Realize My Greatness

Infinite Power abides through the unimaginable expanse of the Infinite.  It is fully present everywhere.  Being present everywhere it is absolutely intimate to every detail of It’s existence.  It is absolutely intimate to every detail of my existence.  I am one of this Infinite. I am fully present in the embrace of this Oneness.

I choose for myself now to experience the fullness of my greatness. I speak my mind and am witness to my word. I claim good and good is revealed. I claim wealth and am bathed in opulence. I demand my health and happiness for I know it is all already mine. And all that I claim is a pouring forth into my world for all that I command I give and my world is made richer in every way by my word. I say it, I claim it, and it is done for all.  The world sees me for who I am; the giving gift of joy for all. And all that they see, through them I see in me; I truly realize my greatness by my word today.
The greatness that I am is my gratitude demonstrated for all that I am is a demonstration of God’s desire for me. All that I do is a song of thanks and all that I desire is proof of my continued good standing in the Divine.  I am the Beloved of the All and surrender my will into Its care now for all is given.

And so it is.


Affirmation:  I accept the tangible evidence of my opulence today; It is All Good and It is All God.