Proof Accepted

There is a vastness to Life that belies the senses, overwhelms the heart and enriches the soul. God is That which makes every moment complete and gives life to every creation.  God is the Power that encompasses and animates.  I am the animation and emanation of the Divine and all that I experience is the proof of Heaven’s Law; that Love is all there is from the invisible through to the visible.
I see before me the unquestionable magnitude of Life. I see that It is alive with an Intelligence that allows it to Love completely.  Every rock and blade of grass sings its joy of expression and its joy of the whole.  Every creature expresses its unique use of ‘

God intelligence and love in a dance of interaction and interdependence. Every person ventures forth from an inner agenda sprung from the whisper of a soul that is in eternal correspondence with the whole. And in my own life I see the synchronicity of time and events that bespeaks an Intelligence back of me that operates in loving service to my every whim. I recognize that Intelligence for I have invited It and It has never failed. In every moment it finds the avenue of the things of my desiring making them delivered before my command is complete.  It brings forth more Love, Joy, and Peace, and all that would facilitate this great goodness.  It does now and always has; and in my heart I accept the proof of my Divine Nurturer.  I accept that my word is already fulfilled.

I accept as I rejoice now in this generosity of Spirit a generosity I gratefully accept, a bounty I gratefully share as I release this word knowing it is simply a breath in the eternal flow I am surrendered to and caught up in. I surrender self and word into this current of fulfillment now.

And so it is.


Affirmation:  I take up my good and walk into my hearts delight today.