Going Deep

At the greatest depths of all life there is God life. It is the immutable that defines the ineffable, that knows the unknowable and that embraces the unreachable.  God is All, in All, through All and as All. God is all that I am, expressing in me, through me, as me. I am the One Voice given into the One Speaker allowing the Word to flow.


I am surrendered to my knowing and invite it to take me deep. I choose to be ever more grounded in the Truth. I choose to realize every cause of every event in my life and I choose to release all that I would not choose for me or any other. I choose to awaken to even the most subtle whisper of Love’s sweet voice and invite It to draw me into the Highest of my Divinity. I go deep into the Divine source of my being; I witness God and in that very breath I return home.  Love drives me forward; It is my passion, purpose and even my provider.  It takes me where my littleness would choose not to go and brings Joy and fulfillment into every aspect of my life.

I am transformed by the Oneness and I return from the Depths of the Divine at One with All and overflowing with Gratitude; Life is Good, Life is God, and I am All that It is as Me. Wow, I let it all go knowing I Am my word fulfilled.

And so it is.


Affirmation:  I Rise up and act upon the Love that stirs my soul today.