Validation of My Faith

One Life; One Love, all that I see and imagine is swept into this field of Oneness. For all that I can see and imagine and all that is beyond imagining is this One.  And It is Good.  By this measure I know who I am.  For as it is in the vastness of this Universe it must also be true in me.  I am one of the Universe and so I am good even as the Infinite is, I am Love as pure as the Infinite for that is my source and my dimension and nothing other than that is real. Right now I revel in my power for I know I am bringing good into my world; that is all I Am, that is all there is.
Right now I feel the depths of my love for God for I know the measure of my faith is in the pouring forth of this richness.  Every detail that arrives has come by right of consciousness.  I know that my desire, grounded in good, is fulfilled and I need not stress about it.  I recognize the law at work.  And I realize the mystery. For that which comes, arrives in the midst of the thought; already delivered, and all that was never imagined, yet of great value, comes in the same accord.

There is One Power that delivers all, One Power that attends to all and One Power that soothes the Soul. I am so grateful to this One Power, this One Life and this One Love for by my faith it has made my life sweet and delivered what I never thought to ask for. My faith has made me open, my faith has made me willing and in such accord I give of myself in complete surrender.  I let go; in peace I release for I know my every wish to be is already delivered now.

And so it is.


Affirmation:  I walk my walk in the footsteps of the Divine today as Love and more Love comes my way.