I Clearly See My Place

One Life permeates the fullness of It’s one body; the manifest body of existence.  This body is all that is visible and tangible. It is the natural extension of Infinite Love and Intelligence and it is forever growing and transforming.  I am this Infinite Intelligence individualizing and that which I call ‘my body’ is the manifest form of my thoughts, feelings and desires.
Right now I know my place in the design of the Infinite. I see clearly the gift I offer,  I am blessed in all that I receive.  All that ‘is’ abides with me and is for my use for has come to me by my agreement in mind.  Today I claim all that is before me for it belongs to me by right of consciousness. When the need arises God does not withhold and every action brings me closer to the home I would choose.  I have found my place and my family, and I have realized the fount of love that abides in me. I know who I am; I have witnessed my God and felt my heart overflowing.
I see clearly my Source and my place, and know that I could never be bereft in such an awesome presence. I am filled with a fullness of heart that flows into every moment and all my company.  I surrender my word now and in all eternity.  I know it is complete for in my release I have found my place revealed. It is done now.

And so it is.


Affirmation:  I Am here on purpose and rejoice in my Choices.