I Am Flexible For My Good

This eternal Universe is forever in a state of flux while remaining unchanged and unchangeable. It contains already all that is while all that is forever discovers new and glorious ways of expression. Every point of this Infinite Intelligence is one of this profound magnificence. I am one of this Infinite Intelligence forever discovering the magnificence that I am.

In every way I am discovering my greater good.  I am always bending in just the right ways to experience a Love that is all around me. From the Love of my being I am interfacing with the unique expressioning of Infinite Love at every turn.  I am finding God in every corner and every quarter. I am discovering Love in, through, and back of every encounter, and into each and every moment I bring my own Love. In all of this I continue to discover new ways.  I bend and stretch always finding it comfortable, always finding myself capable in body, mind and spirit. I give my best and I get the best no matter what it looks like or how it appears.  Even those things of questionable expression reveal themselves to be my great opportunities.

I rejoice in it all. Good is my inherent right and my privilege, I accept it with gratitude and thanks for the Infinite has already delivered even as I stretch into these new vistas before me. I let go and I let God for I do know that my good is upon me now and always.

And so it is.

Affirmation:  My thought is my vessel and I sail into more Love today.