Master of My Word

One Life, It is God, forever complete, forever expanding, all knowing, and all encompassing. This One Life is Creation, all Creation, and except for this One Life there is no Creation. Every life is this One Life individualizing.  There is no separation.  Every life is this One Life creating and every loving expression of every life is an act of creation.  I am one of this One Life in love with life and pouring myself forth in an act of love.

I am creator and creation in creation through the power of my word. I speak my word from the depths of my deepest beliefs; my values and feelings. Today I get in touch with those deepest feelings, values and beliefs and bring them into the heart of my being; I expose them to the Light of Love.  Every belief is exposed and every belief is gone except the belief that Love is all there is and the only thought that remains is the eternal question “What would my Love do now?”  I act in accord and speak my word. And every word is aligned, is in harmony with my thought that I, the ‘I’ of my Love, has my way today and my word is fulfilled this day.
I declare my gratitude, my only gratitude, for the One Life, the One Law, the One All Encompassing that holds me in the fullness of my heart unto It. And I let go for there is no-thing left, only Love, and the deep knowing that it is Done.

And so it is.


Affirmation: I speak my word and witness my returns; It Is Done Now.