Daily Inspiration: A knowledge of the path cannot be substituted for putting one foot in front of the other. ~M. C. Richards

Today’s Affirmation: I am an explorer on the path of Life.

Today’s Contemplation: Life fills and fulfills the one who steps out of their comfort to experience It’s profound richness. Step up today.


Daily Inspiration: Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don’t count on harvesting Golden Delicious. ~Bill Meyer

Today’s Affirmation: My loving thoughts bring me a bounty of joy today.

Today’s Contemplation: Pay attention to your thoughts, choose the ones you want and banish the rest. Banishment of thoughts is as simple as consciously letting them go and replacing them with the preferred thought.


Daily Inspiration: You are a book of secrets waiting to be opened. ~Deepak Chopra

Today’s Affirmation: I look within because I am curious about the beauty I will find.

Today’s Contemplation: There is no question whether your innerscape is beautiful. The only real question is how uniquely beautiful you will find it. Embrace the adventure and explore who you really are.


Daily Inspiration: If humankind would accept and acknowledge its responsibility and become creatively engaged in the process of evolution, consciously as well as unconsciously, a new reality would emerge, and a new age could be born. ~Jonas Salk

Today’s Affirmation: I take responsibility for all that I am and all that comes to me today.

Today’s Contemplation: Always acknowledge in daily practice that the change outside can only come with the change within. And all that comes to you arrives through an unconscious invitation. Therefore simply own it, release it and reaffirm what you would choose to know.


Daily Inspiration: When you are impeccable, you take responsibility for your
actions, but you do not judge or blame yourself. ~Don Miguel Ruiz

Today’s Affirmation: I am gentle with myself today as I stretch into a more loveable me.

Today’s Contemplation: Old things inevitably come up when one stretches into the new.  Embrace the old and gently let it go and with that same gentleness love yourself.


Daily Inspiration: Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard. ~Anne Sexton

Today’s Affirmation: I listen today to the call of my heart and find joy in every step.

Today’s Contemplation: Through darkness and shadows through all the stories of pain and suffering there is a path of joy. In order to find it one must stay anchored in the Divine Truth of Oneness. When anchored in Oneness even the strongest images of dark pain and suffering carry no weight and Joy remains the only path forward.


Daily Inspiration: Any transition serious enough to alter your definition of self will require not just small adjustments in your way of living and thinking but a full-on metamorphosis. ~Martha Beck

Today’s Affirmation: I keep emulating the change until I become the change.

Today’s Contemplation: Expect to walk through the storm if you truly desire to arrive.  There will be no easy way on this simple path for we each, if even for an instant, have fallen in love with the one we now choose to let go of.


Daily Inspiration: Surrender is the key that unlocks the door to grace. ~Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Affirmation: In my deep inner security I let go of everything; and all that comes back to me is Love.

Today’s Contemplation: Surrender is not weakness. It can’t be; because true surrender comes with the awareness of a oneness with an infinite power.  So surrender is simply letting go of ‘My way’ and accepting the ‘High way’.


Daily Inspiration: Looking upon the loss of anything as though it means the end of it, is the same as believing falling leaves mark the end of the trees. ~Guy Finley

Today’s Affirmation: The kingdom is mine with all its riches and all its Love.

Today’s Contemplation: Loss is an illusion of a mind that is convinced it is alone and separate. The one who would truly find peace must first discover oneness with Life, the One Life that is All in all, and then life will increase.


Daily Inspiration: What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today’s Affirmation: My every word and every action is in integrity with my heart today.

Today’s Contemplation: Congruency is a condition where an individual’s actions align with their beliefs. Therefore one can easily surmise the beliefs of a person simply by being observant of their actions.  By the same token one can change the nature of ones actions simply by shifting the pattern of ones thought completely.