I Go Willingly

The Universe is an infinite receiver and giver of Love. It is forever in flux and flow and It moves easily through the expanse of Its being. The nature of this One is creative. It is forever extending and the shape of Its extension is in the form of creation; the body of life, of every life, of my life now.  I am one of the Infinite and my life, this body, is the body of the One Life individualized.

Today I embrace the heart and soul of courage. I recognize that it is a call to action. And I accept the call.  Today I acknowledge my dreams and I move into them. I step out of my comfort and I stretch into my choices. I talk my talk and I walk my walk. I live in integrity with my dreams.
Today I let go of all judgments of myself and all others. I do not give credence to the opinions of my world.
I feel the Power blossoming in my heart and I take all steps necessary to move myself forward into a vision that is forever expanding. As clearly as I se my place in the grand plan of Joy I take steps to reach it. I know that every step I take brings me to a clearer vision and to a broader scope of vision. As I step forward with conviction and courage I discover the vastness of my expanding potential.

I am truly filled with awe and wonder. As I realize that my vision is God’s vision for me and that my courage is God’s unwavering call to bring me home. In complete gratitude today I accept this feast of Joy. I accept the blossoming of my soul and I accept that every step of my path is rock solid as hand in hand and heart to heart with the Divine. In this word I surrender and let it all unfold.
And so it is.

Affirmation: Courage is my key-word today; I take right steps and all things come my way.