Daily Inspiration: Surrender is the key that unlocks the door to grace. ~Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Affirmation: In my deep inner security I let go of everything; and all that comes back to me is Love.

Today’s Contemplation: Surrender is not weakness. It can’t be; because true surrender comes with the awareness of a oneness with an infinite power.  So surrender is simply letting go of ‘My way’ and accepting the ‘High way’.


Daily Inspiration: Looking upon the loss of anything as though it means the end of it, is the same as believing falling leaves mark the end of the trees. ~Guy Finley

Today’s Affirmation: The kingdom is mine with all its riches and all its Love.

Today’s Contemplation: Loss is an illusion of a mind that is convinced it is alone and separate. The one who would truly find peace must first discover oneness with Life, the One Life that is All in all, and then life will increase.