Daily Inspiration: Blessed are the ones who have not seen and yet have believed. ~John 20:29

Today’s Affirmation: I accept the unseen that awakens in my heart; Love makes all things right.

Today’s Contemplation: As long as we rely on the information of our five senses, particularly our eyes, we will be wrong. This runs counter to what we see as common sense. Yet this is the nature of Truth; it will most often run completely counter to what we believe.


Daily Inspiration: Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight. ~Benjamin Franklin

Today’s Affirmation: Light is my path, Love is my compass, and I do not waver.

Today’s Contemplation: One must make the conscious decision in order to get where one would choose to go. That decision must be made every day and sometimes every hour in order to find the joy one is seeking.