I Use It

There is One Power; all encompassing and everywhere present. This power is self evident and self existent in all that is. All that ‘is alive’ is alive as God.  God is Love, God is Life, God is Opulence.  God is present in me and expressing as me. My life is God’s Life at the level of my acceptance and at the level of my acceptance I am the opulence of the Infinite.

Today I look deeply into my affairs and see the Divine at work. I see the full measure of my opulence and realize anew how blessed I am.  I see all that I have and all that I have to give and am left with a feeling of awe and wonder. I am so very blessed. Right now in the richness of this feeling I make a claim; that I know and experience more of who I am. I realize the opulence of my soul in all my affairs.  Money comes easily and naturally to me right now. I find that it shows up from unexpected avenues in quantities unexpected.  Things that fit with my desires show up ready to be put to use. Offers come that uplift and inspire me. I receive and All that I receive I use. And I find that I have more than ever to give and always the right recipients are at hand. I make a difference with all my giving for in all of it I give Love and in all of it I receive Love; the Opulence just keeps growing in my affairs, accounts and assets.

Still I give more because I love to give.  I give my gratitude, appreciation and thanks to that One Source of all my giving. I give up any concerns and simply dissolve into the Opulence of the Divine.  I give from the heart with all my heart and give over to the Divine as It takes care of the details; the delivery and destination. I surrender into my blessings knowing that my word is complete and that It is done.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I get it; I’ve got it, and I Give It.  I am truly Great-full.


Daily Inspiration: If you want to lift yourself up, lift up somebody else. ~Booker T. Washington

Today’s Affirmation: I share my appreciation and I appreciate in every way today.

Today’s Contemplation: Praise, appreciation and gratitude are for the giver as much as for the receiver. Share your best thoughts and warm wishes for all who you meet today. You will discover an influx of wealth directly correlating to your generosity.


Daily Inspiration: What seems impossible one minute becomes, through faith, possible the next. ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Today’s Affirmation: I choose to move forward in faith; I can do what I have never done.

Today’s Contemplation: Faith is the knowing of a power that one may rely upon even if one does not understand it. So the first step is to find the evidence of that something which is greater.