Giving My Good

Life flows in an opulent stream of good into the avenue of Its greatest expression.  It is always flowing; It is always creating. Forever expanding in the depths of Its fullness It has found expression in the individualization of Its nature.  I am that individualization. I am the director of the Divine flow of opulence in my life for I am the thinker in my life.

In the vein of this flow I think my thoughts with clear intention. I choose; I choose the big events and I choose the passing moments. I choose for good, I choose abundance. I see my riches and eliminate every avenue of thought that would be out of alignment with my financial growth. I choose to no longer indulge in ideas of lack and failure. I choose now to only focus on the Truth; I focus on the magnificence of the universe, how it continually pours itself forth in such abundance. I see how nature continually pours itself forth in such rich expression. I see the creativity of humanity and how this creativity continually gives itself over to me. I see how I give and how the flow naturally returns to me. I continue to give and more keeps coming to me. By my giving I am receiving; my time, my energy, my money. I give in faith my whole tithe back to the source of all my good and It completely supports me.

In gratitude I give with a song of thanks upon my lips. I lift my thought, I lift my word and lift my work in complete appreciation, in Awe and Gratitude. In witness to how it pours back to me I surrender completely and let it be.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I give and receive with Joy and Ease.