Healing Touches Me

God is All, God is Source and Supply and the Recipient of all that It pours forth. Every atom, every asteroid and the entire universe from the microcosm to the macrocosm; all is God. I am that, the individualization of that infinite vibration, one of the orchestration of Life itself. I am the word and I am the law. And it is done unto me as I decree.

So right now, right here this deep awareness finds refuge in my soul. By this awareness I am made whole.  I see clearly that being one of God means that I must be innately perfect even as God is. I must be perfect because God, being perfect could only create perfection. My every thought affirms this Truth. I claim perfect health with every activity, every encounter and with every passing day. In mind, body and spirit healing touches me and I feel uplifted.

I am so thankful for this power at hand, for this knowledge that it is working right now, and for my freedom to make this claim and know it is delivered. Gratitude has brought this word forth and gratitude surrenders it in the knowledge that it is Done.

And So It Is


Affirmation: I drop every ‘mask’ and let only the Light of Love shine through.