A Deeper Love

I reach into the very heart of my heart and realize that I am in the midst of All That Is. The greater contains and permeates the lesser and the lesser is filled to overflowing. I am the lesser, yet I am absolutely complete for all that I am is of that greatness, that eternal perfection.

In this moment I delve into those depths and discover that my nature is Love.  This is all that I am. I realize that my capacity for giving transcends with every loving gesture.  I choose to bring joy into each moment and every encounter.  I choose to be present with the ones I love.  I choose to love more completely all who are in my presence. I delve deeply into that sacred place within and discover the tools to cast away anger and fear forever. I give my mind permission to explore my heart and discover how Love can always be present in Its fullest capacity. I give my mind permission to surrender to my heart, to allow the presence of Love to reveal the full potential of Love’s great Joy; to be in laughter, gladness and heartfelt compassion in every moment. I choose to plumb the depths of my divinity and to live fully and completely from there.

I choose to celebrate now; to celebrate my achievement of every word decreed here.  I choose to celebrate the Divine giver of Life; All Life. I celebrate with gratitude upon my soul and thanks upon my lips for I know beyond knowing that my decree is the pleasure of the Creator and in the surrender that I offer up now it is done.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I look deeply at all I see, and there I find God looking back at me.