A Prayer for the Syrian Refugees

Peace Filled Hearts and Peaceful Homes

One God, One Life, One Divine Perfection; It is the Source and Substance of every life and every thing. From this One has come all that is. This One Eternal Source is absolutely present now. I know I am, and every person is, one of this infinite Source and as such each is the focus of God’s will upon their life and affairs. In this word now I take conscious control of my thought and my desire and I speak Peace into earthly conditions where and as it is called for; and I know my word is heard.

I know that peace is moving upon the face of this earth. In hearts and minds globally people are taking action for peace laying down arms and walking away. Right now, in Syria someone is making this decision and heaven’s doors are open wide. The way is clear and the path is easy, for heaven heralds the return of the beloved child. I know for each one of these seekers the answer and the way are made clear. Great things are happening and hearts made Holy in the embrace of Love are opened wide. Homes are prepared and wrapped in peace. Peace is The Way; it is The Way of my heart and The Way of my world Now.

In this intimate and deep knowledge that my word has been heard, that Peace is made manifest and that refugees the world over have moved incrementally closer to a world they would choose, that knows only peace, I take my leave of this word. I surrender it to the Source from whence it came. I let it go, knowing that it is already fulfilled even before it was spoken. I let it go, knowing it is done now.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I stay in Love; Love moves me, and around the world a new Peace is realized.