I Commit To My Good

There is One Life, ever expanding, ever increasing and forever filling Itself with the magnificence of It’s Being. I am one of this Light; I am this Infinite and awesome Light extending into the form of my being, body and affairs. And I am the Word; the Law unto my affairs now.

The very nature of my being is creative good unfolding. I am the great opportunity for Life to express fully in all that I do, and I accept this opportunity. I choose today to commit to my good. I make right choices consistently. I find ways to bring me more closely into the embrace of Joy, Opulence and Creativity. Today I bring my Joy into the lives of others everywhere. As I realize the magnificence that I am I infect my world. And they inspire me to be more, to grow, to truly commit to my good. Today I completely commit to my good and the good of all others. Effortlessly I release myself and any others from an old and worn way of being. I embrace and accept my good. I take this step in joy knowing it naturally opens to the next. And so I build my life of joyfulness now.

I let this full world of bliss unfold before me in supreme gratitude. My thoughts reach into the depths of my being and thankfully reveal the source of my word fulfilled. The Divine Doer of all my desires, the Lover of my being, has received this word and made it so.
And So It Is

Affirmation: I say “Yes!” to the adventure I begin Today.


Daily Inspiration: I see knowledge increasing and human power increasing. I see ever-increasing possibilities before life, and I see no limits set to it at all. Herbert George Wells

Today’s Affirmation: With every day, in every way, I grow brighter in the Light.

Today’s Contemplation: The only limit to the human capacity is defined by fear. The high mark of anyone’s capacity is measured by Love. Contrary to the popular notion of the day ‘intelligence’ is not the definition nor is it the control; only the measure of one’s love for life can determine one’s ultimate capacity for acheivement.