Spirit Moves Me

One Spirit! One Life! All life is this One Life and all life is Spirit. Spirit is Self Actualizing for Spirit is Self Knowing. It is the Intelligence and the Love pouring Itself forth into the details of every life. Spirit knows Itself and all the details of It’s being and Spirit Loves all that It is with unconditional completeness. It is the mover, the maker and the doer and I am the individualization of this One moved to be the Greatness of my Divine birthright. I Am the Word and I Am the Law; and all that I speak is done Now.

By the very Source of my being I am moved. I am compelled into action, I am making things happen. In every moment I am where I belong, clear minded and Divinely directed. The Vision of my Source moves through me as me; It is the bliss of my being and makes every breath of my being informed a dance of Love in the affairs of this world. Something wonderful is happening through me, heaven is being shaped upon the ground I walk upon and Heaven’s vision is awakening me. I Am transformed! I Am Love; I am Joy; and in every way Spirit Moves Me. I am surrendered and I am one fulfilled beyond comprehension.

It is Done and the gratitude of my soul wells up and washes over the details of my life; a blessing to every life I touch. My heart is in awe of the Sublime and my soul is forever dancing in appreciation and thanksgiving for Heaven is truly at hand and the Master has already manifested this word in every rich detail; it is Done.

And So It Is

Affirmation: Spirit has touched my Soul and I can’t stop dancing! I Am Moved to Action!