Secure In My Source

One Infinite Life and that Life is Power. In incomprehensible magnitude this One Power stands completely transcendent of any obstacle for It is All, and in It every opposition is lost in the nothingness of its origin. This One Power is present in, through and as every aspect, every detail, of Its Being. It is present with me, in me, as me; It is my life blood and life force and I am the direction of this Power upon all the affairs of my life. I speak, I command, and it is done.

In absolute security I rest in the knowledge of my Source, in the magnitude of my Source, in the very Power of my source and I am left in awe. In my knowing of the One Power that courses through every aspect of my life and every life I am completely humbled. In the knowledge that this Power is my Power as I choose to use it; in the knowledge that It is a Power for Good that continues to operate even in my confusion and unconsciousness I am humbled. And today I choose to use this Power. I declare now, from the deepest sense of Divine assurance that my life is in order. I declare that my good is very good and that in every way I live in the abundant flow of the Infinite. I declare that in every breath I stand in conscious witness to my Oneness with every life and I celebrate the profound love of that oneness.

I am truly humble in the richness of my complete security; in the opulence of my freedom and the magnetism of my profound community. I am in deepest appreciation of this present and enriching Source that holds me secure in It’s eternal embrace. In this deep security I release. I let go and surrender knowing I am forever buoyed by the One Power. I am set free as I release this word into the One Power now.


And So It Is

Affirmation: Secure and strong I stand where I belong; Right Here! Right Now! In Love!