I Claim My Growth

There is One Life expressing in, through and as every life everywhere and everywhen. This life is Divine; It is Perfect, and It is forever choosing to express It’s fullness from every point of conscious awareness. I am that conscious awareness individualizing as this Divine locus and unique perspective. I am this Infinite potential maximizing my greatest good now. I am the Power and I am the Word; and the Word is the Law unto my affairs.

Right Now I speak my word and claim my good. I know that every moment is a growth opportunity for every moment is a Divine opportunity for Love to express. I know that with every expression of Love I grow and with every release from old patterns I grow. Today I commit myself to grow. I choose to release old beliefs I never knew I had and bring more Love into my awareness. I choose to be more, to see more and to act more from Love’s True Light. Every action I take dispels the myth of a wounded past and realigns with the Mystery of this Moment. My Word is my Power and I Am the Miracle. I choose to be the Light.

In a rush of joy I surrender this word in deepest appreciation. I know the very source of my being has already brought this word into Divine Circulation and the outcome is resolved. I am transformed as I liberate this word now into Source.

And So It Is

Affirmation: Never complacent, never done; I am ever growing into The One.