I Am My Radiance

The Light shines forth in supreme radiance filling Its Celestial Body, every aspect, with the luminosity of It’s Heavenly Love. All is filled and overflowing with the Divine Sparkle for every point of It’s Being is the Source and It’s Radiant Peace circumscribes It’s Boundless Vastness. I am this; I am the potency of this Infinite individualized and I radiate the Light. And Heaven awakens where I set my feet.

Today I step into the fullness of my glorious heritage. I claim my good and the power of my presence. I recognize that I am alive as the Light of my being and every awareness I have is Heaven’s Vision. I see ‘good’ and the good I see establishes dominion; for all that I see is me aspected back at me. My Radiance is visible and palpable even to the most inanimate and unconscious. It is Love, It is the Divine as me, It is the Christ that I Am. It is my true nature and It is my whole nature; it is all that I can comprehend. I have made my vow and I am committed. I have chosen to be the Light in clear understanding that I am what I choose and I am now bound to be the full expression of my Divinity. It is good and heavenly. It is the right choice; it is the only choice, and I have made it.

I live the Light and this is my great gratitude. I am filled to overflowing with thanks giving for in every breath I feel the full measure of the Divine and my thanksgiving washes into my every conscious thought. I was blessed before I ever took my first breath and this blessing encompasses all that I Am. In glorious gratitude I surrender my word and my being into the One Source Light knowing only completeness. It is done.

And So It Is


Affirmation: Wow! I feel so Right, I Am all Right; I see the Light. I Am the Light!