A Bigger Me

God is Life; all Life; Infinite Life. Life is Love; It is the magnificence of Light unfurled across the full spectrum of It’s Being. All life is the individualization of this Infinite. It is perfect for it is sprung from Perfection. I am one with this One Life, all that I am is That. I am the way of Love made manifest. And my word now is Loves creation.

Today I am embracing a greater truth. I am seeing life in a bigger way and living my life at a new level of consciousness. Today I am standing with my heart wide open; I am feeling the change of expanded awareness and what I am ‘feeling’ has become me. Today I am growing in the consciousness of Life, in the consciousness of Love. I am opening right now into an infinite dimension; I am enveloped in a peace that transcends any condition. Today I am living a Bigger me; more prosperous, more alive, more in love with all that life is. And all that I know, all that I have become and all that I have realized can never be diminished for I am the expanding ark of Consciousness blossoming into my Divine Awareness, my Birthright, of Oneness.

In a song of deep gratitude that wells up from the spontaneous exaltation of my soul this word is released having already found completion in the Infinite for the word is forever complete before it is spoken.

And So It Is


Affirmation: I stand clear of every discord; I stand in the Light Today.