I Am Living In The Light

God Light, Infinite Light; It is All, in all, as all. It is Power and It is Presence. The Divine Light is Life Itself for it is the Light of life. My life and every life is this One Life individualized perfectly and completely. The Whole is fully contained within the body of consciousness that I Am. And the consciousness that I Am is all that I am; I am the complete expression of the One Mind and all that I am and all that I speak is the One Light made manifest.

I declare right now, in this breath, that the Light of Being in this moment is my Light and my life. All that I am knows itself as the perfection of the Divine made manifest. And in this knowing I do great things for all that I do is elevated to the level of my divine thought now. I am the Light in my world; a radiance that warms the hearts and minds of all who are touched in the sphere of my influence. My love, my caring and compassion, illuminates the hearts and minds of every person who enters my mind. I give the gift and it is received. And that which proceeds from me returns back to me in a radiance and fullness.

All that I am is the gratitude that sees the blessings in the illumination of me. Before I spoke this word the Celestial Radiance had already filled my soul and my every action. My word is Law and is swept up in the folds of Infinity. It is taken and made manifest and the One Divine Light shines through all I do, all I see and all that I am right now. My word is complete and fulfilled and It Is Done Now.

And So It Is


Affirmation: I Am the Brilliance I choose to see in all I do, all I Meet and all that I Am.