My Model Life

God; with me, through me, as me, in me; God is All and all that ‘God Is’ is good. Perfect Unfolding of Perfect Life; It expresses into being through every loving thought that is shared. This One Infinite is forever Becoming the ‘God Work’ of Its creation. I am that; I am the creation of the One Mind, the One Intelligence, and It is revealed in all the details of my life Now; I speak my word and It is done.

In this breath I declare that my life is a model life. Every aspect, every detail is a celebration of my re-membering ‘God is All’, ‘God is Love’ and ‘God is every word sprung from my soul.’ Every detail of my life is resolved into the Miracle working Power of Love, there is Peace, Joy and Harmony with every breath that I breath. My word is Power, Light and Life and the very essence of my being is Love. I am prospered in every way. Opulence is expressed in the freedom of my living. All that I desire, all that I would choose to have, is mine right now for I am living my model life.

With great gratitude, for I am remembering my source with every breath, this word finds completion; already fulfilled by Source before it was ever spoken. It is Done.

And So It Is


Affirmation: I Rise Up in Joy as give all my Love into this Life Now.