It’s All ‘Right’ for Me

Heavens doors are open wide and Divine Love pours through. Infinite Beingness courses through the full spectrum of Divine Creation. Perfection has It’s way; all is Good and all is God. Every life is God life and every moment is held in God’s embrace now. I am right here in the centre of this Heavenly perfection. I am perfections expression in-formed for I am the master work of the Master Creator. I am Loves extension into form and all that I dwell upon is Heaven’s blessing; I am co-creator with the One and my Heaven is made right here.

All the circumstances of my life are a kaleidoscope of synchronous perfection. One miracle blends into the next and all I see is a Blessing. Emanating from the very source of my being and infiltrating every brother and sister who touches my life Love finds pure expression. All is right and all is good. The material of this world comes easily and readily for all my desires and I prosper in the abundance of Divine Flow right now. I am a vital expression of this flow. It meets my every need and shows itself in all my encounters, my loved ones and my deep acquaintances. My every encounter is meaningful and love filled; happiness is my permanent state. I am rich beyond consideration and recognized in all my deservability. With this Blessing I give richly to everyone who crosses my path; I am Divine Generosity giving forth in all ways.

I am the One who stands in gratitude for it is All ‘Right’ for me now. I have seen my Creator and, in Love, I have been seen and it is very good. I am thankful that all this I know is already complete and fulfilled before I spoke this word.

And It Is Done


Affirmation: I Choose to be Love; and Stand in my Conviction Today.