Building My LIFE

One Life, one Power, one Presence. This one Life moves in through and as all that is. It Is all that is; It is the Source, Supply and Expression, It is the Infinite, the Way and the Individual, It is all that Is and all that I Am. I Am the Word, I Am the Power and I Am the Creation. I speak my word and It Is Done.

Today I take charge. I own my thoughts and consciously make them the pattern I would choose for the Life I would live. I am the Master of my affairs and in this consciousness I Am creating. I start with an empty slate for I have purged the past; I have forgiven to the One every thought of separation; every conflict, transgression and craving. I have let them go for I know that all of that is an anchor to emptiness and loneliness. I have released all fear of the future; all anxiety, worry and wishing for I know that only Good is spread out before me, is all around me and is the only Promise of what is to come. And Right Now I declare My Truth. With pure intention and pure thought I create the structure and form of my Love, my Joy and my Divine Desire; I dream happiness into being and nothing stands in opposition for all Power is back of every word and thought I hold. I Am building my perfect Life and I Am doing it Now.

With Gratitude I speak this word, with thanksgiving I release this word and with peace in my heart I surrender it into the Infinite knowing it is already done. I am truly living the life of my dreams now immersed in the Infinite from whence my overwhelming joy has come; it is done.

And So It Is


Affirmation: What Power! What Presence! I Am Alive in the Essence.