Soul Renewal

Infinite Spirit imbues the Soul of It’s being and Life expresses. All life is that Life; I am that Life. All that I am is that Life remembering Itself in through and as the expression of being that I am. Today I speak my word and awaken myself to the depths of my soul.

I declare that my life is a dedication to the Joy of Life that is expressing as all life. I declare that I am the merging of self awareness into the Living Selflessness; the Soul of all creation. I am aligning with my highest truth and forgetting all that was of a lack consciousness. I declare today that my every thought is celebrated at a higher vibration of Love as I awaken to the Love that I am today. I declare my living choice to remember the Source and Supply of all that I am.

I am the individuation of Infinite consciousness and from the very source of my being flows forth an unstoppable gushing of gratitude for the deep blessing of awareness. Revitalized from the deep, from the renewal of my Soulful truth, I give thanks to the Awesomeness of Life Itself. I Am Blessed, Blessed and Very Blessed and I know it.

And So It Is


Affirmation: The Blessings stream forth Right Here and Right Now and I Am In The Flow.