My Best Brings The Best

There is an Excellence that stands back of every human condition.  It is the promise of every life for it is the Truth of All Life.  When every concept of self is gone all that remains is Incomprehensible Love. It is the Truth of every life everywhere for all life is this One Infinite individualizing.  I am one with this Ineffable Perfection.  It is my source, my truth and where I abide.  It knows me and all the potential I am; and right now I

With every thought, with every beat of my heart and every action I am resolved into the One, the One is my word, the word is the law and as this word is spoken it is done.

I declare my conviction and act with my highest intention for the greatest good of all always.  I give myself fully and completely and Life gives back to me.  As I give my all I receive All that I can comprehend and open up to. I receive enough and more than enough always for the Infinite says ‘Yes’ always and the word of the One is the Law of my abundance.  I give my very best and the Best is what I get.  Unfailingly my best brings the Best and Divine Providence enriches me in every way.

By my giving I am living and by my living I am celebrating.  I am living in joy, gratitude and celebration. My every word is a song sent forth into the Infinite; a song of appreciation and praise.  I am so grateful that I always get the Best.  I am so grateful that this word is already delivered and that it has already born the fruit of a blessing in every aspect of my life.  I am grateful because the Law has done the work and it is already done.
And So It Is

Affirmation:  I act in every moment upon my highest intentions; and the Universe returns in Dividends today.