Penetrating Into My Potential

There is an Infinite Oneness unfolding and expressing. It is in all and forever rising to greater expressions unrealized in the details of Its Being. I am One with that Whole. I am that greater potential being expressed and realized right here and right now, and my word is the promise of my action expressing.

I move into my potential, I embrace it and I realize it. I am here for great things for I am born of greatness and the Infinite is the pulse of my heartbeat. There is a seed of the Infinite planted within the core of this body. It is the seed of magnificence and has been well planted in fertile soil; it is growing for it has been nurtured by the Master Gardener and all that the One has planted must be expressed. I am that magnificence beyond the threshold of its blooming. I am the fragrance.

The excellence that I am is an undeniable aroma to the senses of all who my life touches. I am right now living my potential. It is the gift of the Infinite and it is given in dividends and I am in eternal gratitude of this gift already given. It is done; the Divine has taken this word and made it so.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I go through the veil of all distractions and find myself in the Heart of One.