My Soul Oneness

There is one Life. It is the encompassing fullness of all that is visible and conceivable. It is the Infinite binding of the invisible and inconceivable. It is Alive and It is Living in me, through me and as me; I am One in every measure of my soul and I declare it now.

All that I see is one with me; I look out and witness the intricate masterwork of an Infinite presence forever individualizing and I know that I am That. In every sweep of the hand of Creation I am present. I live in the perfection of Oneness and every circumstance is the binding of my soul oneness. All life conspires with me for the full awareness of Life’s Magnificence; my Magnificence. My every action is integral to the Infinite kaleidoscope of Divine Perfection and by my word I dance in the perfection of the Master Hand. Every detail of this life that is embodied as the individualness that I Am is absolutely perfect.

I rejoice in this dance, my Happy Dance, and celebrate my gratitude. I am immersed in the cosmic joy of Yes. My word is fulfilled for it has already been swept into the Heart of the Infinite Master Creator whose work is done.

And So It Is