My Word Is My Promise

There is One Word and from this Word all life has sprung. And every life is that One Life individualizing. There is Power in the Word for It stands as All and is inclusive of all that is. I am one with the Word; It is the Word of my being and the Law of my soul and I am in perfect accord with It.

I declare right now that I am true to my word and my word is in perfect integrity with the One. Every word I speak is uttered from the very soul of my being and is bound to the source of my being. It is Love. I am Love. I am the innocence of Love and each of my words is my promise fulfilled. I know now that my life perfectly reflects my integrity and my desires. As I am true to my word I experience all my connections to be true and we make a foundation of integrity.

I celebrate this team, I am grateful for consistent integrity in every aspect of my affairs and I rejoice that the mirror speaks harmoniously to my resolve. I have spoken my word now and it is now done; taken into the Impeccable Source and made so.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I see the good in all. I speak the good of all. I raise the good in All Today.