Abounding Blessings by Rev Dale

One Life flows in Infinite expression through every avenue of Its existence. All that it ‘is’ is a Blessing to the fullness of Its being. Every life everywhere is this One Life individualizing Divine perfection in and as the Blessing of the One. I am that; I am the extension of Life’s Blessing upon all my affairs. I am aligned and true to the Wholeness that I individualize.

I am blessed! In every way and every action, I am blessed with creative expression, with life and passion. I stand upon Gods lintel and pour forth a blessing of Love into every activity of my life for I am blessed in the eternal flow of love. With every breath I breathe and every colour of Divine kaleidoscopic wonder that cascades upon my senses with every caress of Love that brushes against my soul I am Blessed. And all I feel, and all I do and all I speak is an extension of the Blessing ever pouring through me.

Thankful beyond measure I bask in the embrace of the Divine and celebrate ultimate power as I let this word slip into the Infinite causative flow of Life; already complete now.

And So It Is

Affirmation: Heaven is alive today, in my work and in my play… That’s why I am thankful all this day.