Steps To Freedom

There is Order, there is Presence, there is Life expressing in Infinite kaleidoscopic variation. It is the Life that exists in, through and as all life everywhere. It is the life of stars and planets and forests and creatures of every manner and it is the life that animates the cosmos and the human mind. In and of this Life I have my life. By the Infinite in my word I live, move and breath Law into form.

As there is process to the Infinite so it is with my heart and word. I take steps with detailed focus. I build definitely upon my divine knowingness and amp up the power of my word, igniting the fire of my desire. And I kindle the creative flames of my fervour with the alchemy of transmutation. With clear intention I make manifest the passion of my heart in every phrase. My actions, treatments and affirmations flow from the Divine push, laden with Power, and all my life is actualized into a testament to Love.

In the magnificence of this blossoming I find my joy and sing my gratitude. My inspiration has flowed forth from the Source already accomplished. My word is spoken and It Is Done Now.

And So It Is

Affirmation: Upon ‘method’ I grow today; I learn, I practice and I change.