Choosing Spirit

All life; born of the One Life is born into that One Life. It is All that is and as such is Self Fulfilling Perfection. All that my life ‘is’ is this One celebrating Itself through me, as me at the level of my choosing. I am the individualization of the Eternal upon my manifest experience and my word is my creation.

With every thought I am creating so right now I commit to the creation of my desire. I now think with purpose and dedicate my thought to the good that I would choose. I choose happiness and freedom, health, love and prosperity. I choose all that is good because I choose good; I choose spirit. Right now I dedicate my life with every thought and every action to the revelation of Spirit in my every experience. And all that Spirit is; joy, peace, love and creativity, is manifest in every aspect of this livingness now.

By the bounty of Spirit first in my life I am blessed and enriched. My life is such a pleasure of right choosing that every vibration of my soul is a Happy Dance to the Master Creator through whom my word has already found completion. And it is done Now.

And So It Is

Affirmation: This is my life and I make a real choice for Spirit today.