Deciding Happiness

Life is a Decision; in every moment the Infinite is choosing expression. Every choice is always for the highest good. God is Love and Love is Good. This One is All, in all, as all. I am one with this First Cause. It moves in me, through me, as me and is all that I am. I am the Decision in my affairs and my decision is Law to me.

Right here and now I decide to be happy. Happiness is the natural state of life. Every life is free to be happy and is made so in the moment of the decision. I decide now. I decide to be satisfied with the upward trend of my life, my relationships, my work and my play. Right now I choose to be that joy I would choose to see. I make my decision and act in perfect alignment. I find smiles and joy filled gestures come naturally and often. Comments of appreciation flow from heartfelt enthusiasm and I notice those little sparkles of beauty that bring joy into my moments.

My happiness is a song of appreciation growing stronger and longer with every breath I take. My joy finds root in the ancient depths of the Divine and blossoms with fragrance into the Light giving itself up to the Infinite and in this word now made eternal. I am happy and I am happy that it is so right now.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I Choose Happiness! It’s in my heart and soul Today.