Forward Is Revealed

Life is boundless in Its expression. It is forever extending a greater perfection of all that It is.  It is becoming and I am that becoming.  I am self realization deepening into the fullness of awareness. My awareness is my power and my word reveals all that I Am.

I declare in this moment that I Am a Divine birthing field of rich ideas. They come easily and frequently as their unfoldment is made possible in my life.  In every moment I am releasing my past and propelling myself forward.  Great ideas come as old patterns are released and my forward is revealed with momentum and direction. I am constantly shifted out of an old paradigm as the Infinite reveals new, exciting and globally relevant ways through my every thought, word and action.

I am the realized renaissance of my day today bound in the ecstasy of whelming gratitude as this word finds resolve in the Infinite field of creation already complete and fulfilled now.

And So It Is  

Affirmation: I’m stepping up to a Bigger Stage today; And ‘G.O.D.’ things are coming my way.


Today’s Quote: Stress the possibilities, not the impossibilities.  The possible stands out like a great shining light above the skyline of dismal clouds. ~Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Today’s Affirmation:  Success is mine because YES is my mantra and GOD is my source.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: The Truth is infinite potential and will remain as potential in our lives until we know it.  Upon our knowledge of that truth all good is revealed and received and every moment is possibility realized.  Life just gets better and better with every breath.